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Irrigation Design, Installation and Service

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Irrigation Systems

There's always one house on the block with a perfect lawn and garden. A lot of work goes into achieving that type of curb appeal and status, but it’s all for naught without without the most crucial input: water. In order to increase the investments you’ve made into your landscape, you need to ensure that your lawn and gardens are looking great all summer long, regardless of the weather or your vacation schedule. WaterWise will design and install the most efficient irrigation system, tailored to the specifications of your landscape.

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Landscape Lighting

Your curb appeal doesn’t have to fade away as the sun sets. Accent the best features of your property with a Low Voltage Landscape Lighting system. Whether it’s your favourite tree, an inviting pathway or a beautifully constructed pergola, a customized lighting system will add a personal touch to your landscape while adding a sense of security and safety. Light up your pathways to make them more inviting, accent your home’s architectural features or light up the darker corners of your property for a functional, yet artistic touch.

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Maintenance Packages Starting
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WaterWise is committed to the pursuit of excellence. We understand that people install irrigation systems, so that they don't have to worry about the watering requirements of their landscape. Starting with our initial design, we ensure that every area of your landscape is being watered efficiently and do this by selecting the proper part for each specific application. Instead of being committed to one manufacturer, we hand pick the best performing and most proven parts on the market.

With support from our lawn care experts and horticulturists at our parent company Postcard Perfect, we take into account the specific watering requirements of each plant in each location. We understand microclimates, lawn diseases and fungi as well as seasonal pest pressure, so we will design your system and program your controller to account for these potential problems.

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Maintenance Packages

  • Gold Spring Opening, Mid Season Adjustment and Fall Winterization
  • Silver Spring Opening and Fall Winterization
  • Bronze Fall Winterization Only
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